As investors place greater attention on ESG factors in their investment choices, social media has earned a vital role in staying up to date on new products, services, and events. Social media only continues to grow in nearly every aspect of life—and so too does the potential treasure trove of information, support, and direction it can offer for impact investors.

But which organizations, thought leaders, and companies that use social media provide real value for investors? Here’s where to begin exploring ESG on social media.

Social Media Crucial to ESG

Although many companies share information with their shareholders through their websites and reports, these communications can struggle to hold consumers’ attention. More than 70% of the US population owns at least one social media account, and the number of social media users is expected to increase to 243 million by 2025.

Companies that use social media and podcasts are often better able to communicate ESG metrics and accomplishments, engage with stakeholders and the community, and foster a positive brand reputation. This is increasingly important with younger generations, who are driving the growth of ESG investments—and who obtain most of their news and information via social media.

Beyond that, ESG investors follow social media accounts to stay abreast of the latest offerings in the ESG community and, in many cases, go beyond simply being an observer. They can engage more directly with the issues, communicate their expectations of brands, and voice disapproval of companies and others that fail to commit to ESG issues.

ESG investors follow social media accounts to stay abreast of the latest offerings in the ESG community and, in many cases, go beyond simply being an observer.

ESG Social Media Accounts Worth Following

At first glance, the sheer volume of ESG social media accounts can overwhelm, and potential followers want to make sure they’re not wasting their time and attention. With this in mind, here’s a starter kit of ESG social media accounts that have found success engaging the ESG community:

  • ESG Today. Touting itself as the “leading provider of ESG investment news, research and analysis for investment managers, companies and private investors,” ESG Today provides real-time ESG scorecards on a variety of companies and investment managers to help readers navigate the risks and opportunities of ESG finance.
  • Joel Makower. Chairman and co-Founder of GreenBiz, a leading online sustainability news outlet, Makower posts a variety of updates and information on sustainable business and clean technologies to help companies align business strategy with environmental goals.
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development. This global think tank posts on issues and initiatives in human development and sustainable solutions, including highlighting collaborative efforts and reporting on issues such as climate change, poverty, and sustainable finance.
  • GenderSmart Investing. This global initiative offers news and information on financial issues affecting women, gender lens investing, and an array of solutions for fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Climate Action. Working to accelerate a global green economy, this organization offers insights from climate industry leaders and up-to-date information on local and global sustainable intiatives.
  • As You Sow. A nonprofit leader in shareholder advocacy, As You Sow posts about changes needed at the corporate level to make progress on issues such as gender and workplace equity and environmental health.
  • UN Women. This UN entity’s posts highlight current gender inequalities and available solutions alongside motivational posts to foster women’s empowerment.

Impact investors have various digital avenues to stay informed on a wide range of ESG issues. As companies and organizations become more sophisticated in how they use online platforms to shape the ESG conversation, they sustain the message that investing is not only a way to make money, but to change the world. They are also showing you how.

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