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The Best Podcasts for the ESG Community


If there’s any doubt of how much Americans love podcasts, look to Edison Research and Triton Digital’s annual study the Infinite Dial, which shows that 78 percent of Americans are now familiar with podcasts and more than five in 10 have listened to one. Even more striking, there are now more weekly podcast listeners in the US than Netflix account owners.

A large part of this reason is convenience, as the best podcasts can be consumed while commuting, exercising, and even working—or all the above—with mobile phones and smart speakers serving as the media player.

Podcasts have also become popular among impact investors and ESG enthusiasts thanks to the immense value they can provide. There are several high-quality podcasts available that provide avenues for learning more about the companies and industries that influence impact investing.

What Do ESG Podcasts Offer?

Investors looking to maximize the impact of their investments can turn to a variety of ESG podcasts to better align their values with their financial decisions. The best podcasts can involve listeners in the conversations and debates at the vanguard of impact investment industry, as well as provide in-depth analysis of the ESG challenges and opportunities facing governments, companies, and institutions both locally and globally.

This is particularly important when considering that impact investing remains a relatively new concept, and the industry still lacks significant regulations, standards, and consensus on how to measure impact. In this evolving industry, listening to ESG podcasts is an excellent way to stay abreast of these concepts as they evolve alongside society’s understanding of the field.

ESG Podcast Stars

Although debating which ESG podcast is best could be a podcast in itself, a few stars do stand out. These serve as great starting points for novices dipping their toe into the podcast pool.

  • ESG Insider: The S&P Global’s podcast investigates current ESG issues, utilizing S&P data to reveal ESG opportunities and risks relevant to impact investors.
  • Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) podcasts: You can find series featuring investor perspectives and insightful discussions on ESG topics at PRI, including a collaborative series with that showcases leadership in sustainability.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review podcasts: The podcast Uncharted Ground seeks to inform and inspire leaders of change with episodes highlighting the work of nonprofit and social entrepreneurs. Another podcast from the same organization, Inside Social Innovation, features discussions and lectures from leaders of social change.
  • Dollars and Change: Developed by the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, this podcast seeks to combine education and entertainment with guests who are experts on corporate social responsibility, impact investing, impact entrepreneurship, and more.
  • ImpactAlpha: This podcast from one of the leading impact investment news sites provides weekly episodes on a variety of ESG investing topics and issues affecting impact investments.

ESG podcasts are an excellent way for new and experienced investors to stay informed of relevant social, environmental, and governance issues and educate themselves on the best ways they can generate returns while maximizing impact.

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